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Love, Live and Learn

The Chinese Moon Festival - April 2016

This term, our school has been lucky enough to have some very special visitors who have travelled almost 6,000 miles, halfway across the world to come and visit Our Lady and St Swithins. 



Children from the Yung Wing School from Zhuhai, in China performed a play; The Legend of Chang’e.  This famous Chinese legend tells us the story of the Moon Festival, and how the moon came to be worshipped by the people of China.    


You can watch the story here:


And you can see clips of the children from Yung Wing School’s adaptation of the play below.

Chang' E Flying to the Moon

Still image for this video
Change’E was a beautiful lady who drank a magical elixir that sent her to heaven. She drifted to the moon, because the moon was thought to be the closest place in heaven to the Earth. She wanted to be near her beloved husband.
The people of China could see her swaying shadow on the moon. She became the symbol of peace and love. When the Chinese people were having problems, they turned to the moon to worship.

The Moon Cake Uprising

Still image for this video
When people in many parts of China could not bear the cruel rule of the government, they wanted to fight back. A clever man decided to spread messages on paper inside moon cakes.
This part of the play shows the battle that happened between the cruel government and the hardworking people of China. The uprising against the government was a great success.