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Love, Live and Learn

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4​


Here in Year 4 we have lots of fun learning about many different things! We are learning to work well together as a class and ensure we really care about each other. Take a look below at what we are learning this half term and your homework for the week.




Homework 23.01.18

Following our discussion in class, talk with your parents and grandparents about how technology has changed over the last 30 to 50 years. Make notes of all interesting things you have discussed and found out in your homework books, ready to discuss next lesson.

Preparing for the Christmas Party, designing our own party place mats:)

Homework 30th November 2017


Write in your Learning Log (Homework book) any thoughts or questions you would like to ask Michael Morpurgo himself about The Butterfly Lion. These will be included in letters we will write on Monday in class.

Acting out the scene from our favourite story "Butterfly Lion"

Science experiment. How different types of liquids can affect the egg shells?

Science experiment.  How different types of liquids can affect the egg shells? 1

Yoga time!

Collective Worship. Planting a seed to watch it grow.

Gymnastics with Mr Caton

Our day at the Gems

Question time with Bertie (Aaron) from the Butterfly Lion, our class story.

Music with Mr Curtis.

Music with Mr Curtis

Days for PE - Tuesday and Thursday

Music lesson every Monday (instruments to be in class for lesson) 


To ensure that the children progress with their musical learning, please ensure the children practise their instrument for about 10 minutes.

Collective Worship - enjoying God's creation

The children thoroughly enjoyed taking our Collective Worship outside. It gave us the chance to really appreciate all of God's special gifts to us all.

Powerpoint from Year 4 Meet the Teacher

Classifying Animals - Science

The children have been classifying animals according to a variety of criteria. They have looked at whether animals are vertebrates or invertebrates as well as what group vertebrates belong to: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles or amphibians.

Maths reasoning - Place Value - playing a game to show their understanding of place value.

For your information, below is a brief outline of the topics and areas we are covering in Year 4 this half term.

Further down the page are some web links to various websites on these topics. Please encourage your children to visit these web links, where they can find out more and do some independent research on many of the topics we are covering.

Learning in Year 4


Autumn Term


English - Stories set in imaginary worlds / Poetry / Newspaper Recounts/ Historical Stories 

Maths -  Number and Place Value / Addition and Subtraction / Multiplication and Division

Topic - It's all Greek to me! A study of Ancient Greek times and its impact upon modern life)

Science - Animals (including Humans - Sorting and Classifying Animals; Animals and their Habitats; Food chains; Digestive System; Teeth and Eating; Diet and Nutrition ) 

Art - Animals / Greek Architecture 

Music - Brass with Mr Curtis 



Homework 7th November 2017


Your homework this week is to write your own rap to fit into our Christmas Ho Ho Ho song we are learning to perform with Mr Curtis in our music lessons.

The original rap verse is as follows:-

I wanna get a present of Santa

I wanna crocodile or a panther

I wanna see Rudolph and Prancer

Ho Ho Ho as we listen for Santa.


Your verse must have your own ideas but have the same pattern of rhyme and rhythm. Have fun! The best ones will be performed in our concert.


Extra Homework!

Can you create a scientist? On your sheet draw your own idea of what a scientist looks like. 

Homework 02.11.17


To be completed in your learning log (homework book)

Draw an outline of the Human Body. On it, label the following:

mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas.

Write a fact about each. 

Homework 13.10.2017

1. Spellings to learn as usual putting them in sentences.

2. Research - find out as much as you can about Spain and Spanish culture. We will use our research on Thursday during our Spanish day. 


6th October 2017

This week the children have received a new set of spellings which they need to learn. As last week they should use them in sentences to show they understand what the words mean.

Extra homework :- Research Find out as many interesting facts as you can about the modern day country of Greece.


Friday 29th September 2017

Homework this week is based upon your spellings.

Make sure you take ten minutes every day to learn your spelling list. 

In your homework book - your @Learning Log' - you are to write sentences for each of your words, showing that you understand what each word means and how it can be used in a sentence.

Please also take time to read and practise your times tables.

Extra task! Try and research some animals, finding out where they live and how they are suited to their habitats. You can then use this information in your Science writing next week. You can make notes in your Learning Log.

Homework due in Tuesday 3rd October.

Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 22nd September 2017


For your homework this weekend I want you to practise rounding TU /HTU / ThHTU numbers to the nearest ten.

Next, I want you to think about how we might round numbers to the nearest hundred. Write a clear explanation of how we might do this.

We will be looking at rounding numbers to the nearest hundred in our Maths lesson on Monday so if you could think about this over the weekend that would be great!

For the rest of the week keep practising rounding to the nearest ten and start practising your times tables.

Have a good weekend!


Week commencing 11th September 2017


This week in our RE we have been looking at family trees. The children have begun to complete their own family trees in class however some of our information is missing!  This week's homework is to find out the rest of the names that you need to complete your own family tree. You can also create your own, bigger family tree. You can draw it, paint it, use photographs, make it on the computer, make it on Pic Collage .... the possibilities are endless! How ever you make it is up to you! Have fun! 


Due in Monday 18th September 2017