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Love, Live and Learn

Forest School

Welcome to the Forest School Blog!


All children will have regular Forest School sessions. These sessions will take place on site in our small quad.  During Forest School sessions the children will have the opportunity to investigate and explore nature and the natural environment.

Each session has a clear, structured, planned routine with most activities being child led with adult support if needed, and takes place in all types of weather.

The children attending Forest School will be given the opportunity to climb trees, build with natural materials, use real tools and cook on an open fire. 


We believe that Forest School sessions are natural and effective compliment to classroom based learning.

Nursery enjoy a Forest School session on a beautiful Spring day.

KS2 Children enjoy Forest School

Learning knot tying skills to make gifts for Mothers Day

Den Building challenge

Forest School activities in woodland areas have helped children to develop many skills.

Children learn to safely use a flint and steel to strike a spark!!!

Developing knot tying skills.

KS2 children had a very busy time today in the woods. We started off the session by sharing our favourite poems.


The trees in Winter, their branches so bare,

We’ll use them for kindling, for our campfire to flare.


The ground is hard, if not covered in snow,

Round the campfire we’ll gather, watching Jessica grow.


We’ll roast marshmallows, and biscuits for s’mores,

There aver so delightful, the children want more.


The robins watch on as the children do play,

Building dens with the wood they have gathered that day.

Written by Sue Hayes 2017  (Parent Helper)


YEAR 5 - 24th Jan 2017

Children are busy den building in the woodland today!