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Love, Live and Learn



What a St Swithin’s geographer looks like.


These ideas have been developed and agreed with the children in our school. These are the behaviours and characteristics we believe a St Swithin’s geographer looks like. We are geographers!

Every child should: -

  • Be curious about the world and the people who live there.
  • Have knowledge of a variety of places around the world (local to global) and how they function.
  • Understand how places are connected.
  • Develop their geographical vocabulary, using it frequently and with confidence.
  • Develop their mapping skills, using maps, atlases and globes as well as digital and computer mapping sources to locate and describe features. Utilising these skills to begin producing their own maps and plans ensuring the presentation is of a high standard.
  • Complete fieldwork and develop their enquiry skills including observing, measuring and recording as well as conducting research in a variety of ways.


Geography Week 20.04.2020 - 24.04.2020

Here are some examples of the wonderful work the children throughout the school have been completing during Geography week.

How wonderful are our children - all working incredibly hard at home but still enjoying their learning. 


Nursery Geography Activities



Investigating China

Year 1 Geography Activities



Where do different animals live?

Y2 Geography Activities

What are the wonders in our world?

Year 3 Geography Activities



Research all about local Seaside Locations.

Thomas's information lealfet all about New Brighton.

Year 5 Geography Activities

Are we damaging our world?

Year 6 Geography Activities

Where should we go on holiday?