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Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Maths Fun & Information for parents

Everyday mathematics in Reception

We discussed the properties of shape as the children erected the class tent. The children worked in pairs to discuss their next move.

We drew shapes and cut them out for our Christmas cards

We are learning about why we need to learn to count and why we have numbers in our life

Number recognition - we counted how many of each number we have in class

We used our fruit to reinforce subitising. We are getting very good at knowing how many are in a set, just by looking.

We weighed our melons by hand, to see which was the heavier of the two.

CLASS 2020 - 2021 ARCHIVED

We wrapped presents for our Christmas Grotto. 

We measured and cut the wrapping paper to fit the boxes we covered.

We priced up the food for sale in our class shop.

We drew pennies on the labels to match the price of the item.

We played shop with our friends, counting out the pennies needed to buy our items.

During our topic about keeping healthy, we counted the number of different vegetables sent into school.  We collected 20 different types, which we then sliced, diced and chopped for our soup.  We made also a number line with our vegetables, adding one more every time.
We used our own home grown potatoes and those sent in from home, to find the heaviest and lightest potatoes in Liverpool.  We weighed all of the potatoes, learning new mathematical vocabulary to find the winners.

We found the heaviest and lightest potatoes in Liverpool