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Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn


Welcome to Nursery class at Our Lady and St Swithin's.


We strive to lay a good foundation for the children's future, by providing a secure and stimulating environment that encourages your child's curiosity and interests to develop.


Playing together, children learn to co-operate and to care for each other, whilst developing confidence in themselves and their abilities through the many activities both indoors and outdoors. The Nursery Team are delighted to speak with you each day about our exciting timetable and curriculum.

Home Learning


Remember to use our online Learning Journals to let me know  what you are doing at home, I love to read your messages and look at your pictures.

Don't forget to use Facebook for all up to date information.

Thank you.

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Wright

Incy Wincy Spider Story

Use the link to read the story,  Can you find the rhyming words? 

Rhyming Game

Can you match the rhyming words.


Good Luck 

Minibeast Counting

Use the following link to do some minibeast counting. 

Minibeast Rhymes 


Can you perform the following Nursery Rhymes?





Here is the beehive.
But where are all the bees?
Hiding away where nobody sees.
Here they come flying out of their hive.
One, two, three, four, five!


P Sound 


Here are the objects I found around my house beginning with the 'p' sound.


Don't forget to send me pictures on Your Learning Journals.

Minibeast Shapes - which shapes have been used to make the pictures?


Minibeasts 1
Minibeasts 2
Minibeasts 3
Minibeasts 4

Play I Spy with the minibeast mat


I spy with my little eye something beginning with .......


............ c

............ m

............ s

............ w

............ l

............ f   

Guess the minibeast

2D shapes

2D shapes 1
2D shapes 2
2D shapes 3
2D shapes 4
2D shapes 5
2D shapes 6
2D shapes 7
2D shapes 8

Opportunities to support your child's learning and development at home

Click on the  'green' text to visit the sites.


Dough disco- Children can have fun doing these finger exercises.

Letters and sounds – help your child practising initial sounds, and blending and segmenting words.

Top marks – letters and sounds

Phonics play

Oxford Owl – Home reading support.  You can use this site to read online e-books with your child.  Encourage lots of discussion about the pictures including predicting and creating their own stories.

Free e-books

Maths and counting – these websites has lots of great opportunities for your child to practise their number work.

Maths 1

Maths 2

Maths 3

Twinkle Early Years resources – printable games and learning opportunities to support the whole curriculum. 

VE DAY Celebrations

How will you celebrate?

Don't forget to send me your pictures to Your Learning Journals.


                                         Stay Safe 
Picture 1

The Cautious Caterpillar

Enjoy reading the story about the caterpillar

When you have read the story I would like you to look at the pictures and find me something beginning with the c,e,l,b sounds. 

RE - Birthdays

We have been talking about our feelings as we wait for a birthday and have shared our birthday celebration experiences.


RE - Advent and Christmas

We have been learning about Advent, when people get ready for the birthday of Jesus at Christmas and how people celebrate the birthday of Jesus - Christmas.


RE - Celebrating

We have been talking about different festivals and how they are celebrated.  We learnt about Chinese New Year and enjoyed taking part in different Chinese experiences. 

RE - Growing

We have been continuing our Come and See topic, Growing. The children have been introduced to Lent and that during Lent we think about how we can grow in love. The children have  talked about love and what it means to them. The children have looked at how they can show love when they are at home and show acts of kindness towards each other.

World Book Day

We dressed up as characters from our favourite stories.

Big Schools Birdwatch

We enjoyed making bird feeders and looking out for the different birds.

The Gruffalo

We read the story and enjoyed describing him.  We retold the story using puppets and a story map, and we had great fun making Gruffalo Crumble.....


We read the story Supertato and had fun retelling the story using puppets and vegetables. We played hunting for the evil peas in the jelly, it was very messy and squidgy but great fun.  We used lots of positional vocabulary to describe where Supertato was hiding around the classroom.  Finally we made our very own Supertato characters and took them on adventures!!

Fireman Fergus

We read the story about Fireman Fegus and how he helped different people during the day.  We retold the story using puppets and a story map.  We then created our own firefighter adventure stories.


We have been learning our numbers and counting in lots of different ways.

The Farm 

The farm came to visit us, we met sheep, goats,rabbits and llamas.  We fed the sheep, and it tickled our hands !!

The 3 Little Pigs

We read the story of the 3 little pigs.  We retold the story using puppets and pictures.  We pretended to be the characters from the story and performed the story.


We have been outside to investigate the changes that happen during Autumn.