Our Lady and St Swithin's

Catholic Primary School

Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Reception Gallery

We have enjoyed learning new skills and keeping healthy through our PE lessons.

We cut out shapes in our stained glass windows to cover with cellophane.  

               We needed to measure the amount of cellophane needed to cover the hole                  and then trim it to size.

We cut our own shapes from sponge to use for printing our wrapping paper

We enjoyed PE outside with our PE coach James.  


We practised our balancing and jumping skills during PE

We visited Santa in his grotto at school and received a wonderful present.

In class we set up our own Christmas Grotto.

We acted out the parts of Santa, helpful Elf and visitor to the grotto.

We had the opportunity to take a photograph of the children visiting Santa, using the class ipad.


Today the children were very excited, as Father Christmas visited them for breakfast.

The children had a wonderful time!

Breakfast with Father Christmas

This week, the children took full advantage of the beautiful autumn leaves and produced wonderful pieces of art.  They talked about the season of autumn and why leaves change colour.  They looked at the different shape, size and colour of the leaves and experimented with paint to achieve the colour we wanted for our work. 


After listening to the story of Leaf Man, the children made their very own leaf pictures. Why not make more pictures ta home and post a photograph to your Seesaw journal.

As part of our topic about keeping healthy, we discussed the importance of eating fruit daily.  We looked at the different types of fruit collected, as well as chopping them up and tasting.  We selected they fruit that we wanted for our very own fruit smoothie.                  They were delicious! 

During this topic, the children discovered what happens when fruit and vegetables are past their best.  They watched as fruit and vegetables in class decayed over a period of weeks.  The children were fascinated and noticed at home food, that was past its best and used thier new vocabulary to explain it.

We talked about the importance of daily exercise, to keep us fit and healthy.  We are really enjoying our PE lessons.
We take home a book for bedtime, to share with our families each night.  Over the week, we join in with the bits we remember.         At the at the end of the week we have the opportunity to retell our story to the class in our big storyteller's chair.  We learn about how stories are structured, new vocabulary and how to make the story interesting for the listener.  We were a little nervous at first but now we love sharing our books with our friends.
As autumn approached, the children noticed our giant sunflowers were beginning to wilt. To satisfy their curiosity, they shared information and story books about the life cycle of a sunflower and collected seeds for planting next spring.
Following on from the children's interests, they went in search of magnetic and non-magnetic materials.  The children learnt new vocabulary, such as repel and attract.  They discovered that not all metals are magnetic, ask them about it.