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Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn


  Welcome to Reception class, where we love to learn both inside and out.                           We have many opportunities to learn though active play, investigations, stories and visits.

Come and take a look!



Class of 2019-2020

  Reception class settled with ease into the rhythm and routines of the school day.              They have made many friends and are busy exploring their new learning                                   environment and activities.




As a Catholic Community centred on God’s love, respecting all, we are committed to enable and encourage each person to be cared for in body, mind and spirit ensuring each individual achieves their full potential in a secure and caring environment.




Love, live and learn


Come and See Topics

                                Collective Worship

Each day as a class, we gather for Collective Worship.  We have the opportunity to listen to the word of God as well as                     say our prayers.  We have Collective Worship in the hall, class and in our new prayer room.                                                                                We shared some of our Collective Worships with Key Stage One.



Collective Worship

Collective Worship

As a whole school, we raised money for CAFOD.  Reception class wrote messages for people they love or who they would like to remember on heart shaped cards .  The children read out their cards and planted flower seeds and bulbs.  The children can watch the flowers grow and think of the people they love.  Thank you very much for your support.

CAFOD Planting seeds for our loved ones


As part of our RE topic Growing, we talked about how spring is a time when things grow.  We looked for signs of spring, as well as planting our very own flowers and vegetables.  We have also watched tadpoles hatch from frogspawn.  Also during this topic, we have been learning about how Lent is a time to grow in God's love.  We wrote Lenten promises and talked about how we could try and be more like Jesus during Lent and in the future.  We have also been learning about Good Friday and Easter Sunday and recognising them as bible stories.

Planting flowers and vegetables

We acted out the story of Jesus, Mary and John on Good Friday


As part of our topic about Gathering, we have been learning about the joy of gathering together at Mass to celebrate the word of God.  We set up an altar in class, to act out a Mass.  



As part of Come and See topic Celebrating, we learnt about what a celebration is and when we have them.  We discussed gathering together in church to celebrate baptisms, weddings and communion.  We took part in celebrating Cinderella's wedding to her prince in class.

We set up a temple in class to act out the presentation of baby Jesus at the temple.

Presentation of Jesus at the Temple


During our Judaism topic, we learnt about the story of the lamp in the temple.  We discussed how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah and took part in our own clebration, using our class made menorah.  We made Hanukkah cards to share with our frinds and family.


During the period of Advent the children developed an understanding about the real meaning of Christmas.  They learnt about how we prepare to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

During this time the children made an Advent wreath, wrote Advent wishes as well performing the Nativity story for friends and family.


As part of our Come & See topic "Welcome" the children brought in Baptismal items from home to share with the class.   They also made their very own Baptismal candle, which they took to our class Baptism of doll Rosie.

Reception class went to visit Father Kenny and Deacon Malcolm at our school, church Our Lady Queen of Martyrs.  They had the opportunity to see the altar, font as well as going into the Sacristy, where they looked at Father Kenny's special items and clothing that he uses during his church services.  The children also had the opportunity to have doll Rosie blessed in the church font.

Our visit to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church


During the topic of Myself, we had the opportunity to get to know our new friends in class and to learn their name.  We discussed that we are all unique and that God knows each of us by name.  We painted our portriats and made name plaques for our bedroom doors.  We learnt our new class prayers, which we say before lunch, during collective worship and at the end of the day.

We are Unigue and God know each of us by name

We visited the Book Bus today.  We had the opportunity to look at the books and share them with our friends.  We were very lucky to have been given money to buy a book.                        Thank you parents for your support.

Outdoor play in the beautiful spring sunshine

Reception Cafe

Following on from the children's interests , we set up a class cafe.  The children have the opportunity to go into role of customer, waiting on staff and cashier.  The children have been writing orders, as well as counting out the pennies to pay their bill.                The children have had a wonderful time.

Farmer Ted visit to Father Christmas

The children had a wonderful time at Farmer Ted's this year.  A great time was had by all!


Talk for Writing  The Little Red Hen

This year the children are taking part in the Talk for Writing Project, which helps children to learn stories off by heart, as well as creating new ones of their own.  This half term the children learnt The Little Red Hen off by heart and retold it for their family in class.  They followed a story map, as well as using props  to support the retelling.  The children thoroughly enjoyed making their very own bread, which they shared with their family. 


Talk for Writing  Goldilocks and the Three Bears


We learnt the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears off by heart.  We learnt actions to help us to remember the story.  We retold the story for the Nursery class.

Our retelling of The Little Red Hen

TTalk for Writing Cinderella Pantomime

We learnt the story of Cinderella off by heart by using a storymap of the main events and by adding actions.  We wrote invitations for the Nursery class and delivered them personally.      We made the props needed for the pantomime, which included Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.  We performed our pantomime for  the Nursery class, who attended both the ball and wedding celebrations.  We went on to "innovate" the  story, which means, we changed the characters or setting and drew our own storymap and wrote our story.



Talk for Writing  The Stolen Mona Lisa Painting!

The  famous painting of the Mona Lisa, which Mrs Blair borrowed from her friend at the Louvre Art Gallery, went missing from Reception corridor last week.  The children were shocked but determined to find it before it needed to be returned.                         The children searched for clues, finding footprints, fingerprints, hair, as well as scratches on the hall floor.  The children watched CCTV footage from over the lunchtime period but it was decided that the Police needed to be called.  The Police officers took all of the children's fingerprints, in order to eliminate them from their enquiries.  The children wrote Police reports of the incident, which included the evidence they had collected during their investigation.  The children made posters to seek help from the general public and posted their appeal online.  It was decided, that a trap was the only way to catch the thief and a cheap version of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflower painting was hung in the same spot, with an ipad on record.  It worked! The Sunflowers painting was also stolen but once the thief saw the children's posters, he had a good think and listened to his heart.  He brought the Mona Lisa back with a letter of apology.  The Police are now dealing with the matter.  The children were delighted, when both paintings were returned!


Photos to follow

We Made Vegetable Soup

As part of our topic about keep healthy we made vegetable soup.  We read a big book called Growing Vegetable Soup, which explained how vegetables grow and how to make them into soup.  The children had a wonderful time handling the vegetables learning the names of the vast variety, sent into school by parents.  The children discovered which country the vegetables came from and how end up at their local supermarket.  After that the children got to dice, slice, peel and chop the vegetables, ready for their soup.  Finally the children got to blend their soup and eat it with bread for their snack.  It was delicious!

We discussed the size, shape, colour and quantity of the vegetables sent into school.  We counted how many different types of vegetable we had, as well as counting how many of each we had.  We made our very own number line using the vegetables.

Sorting and counting our vegetables

We followed a recipe, to make cakes for our school McMillan Coffee Afternoon.  We really enjoyed making them and they tasted vry nice too!
As part of our keeping healthy topic, we collected a wide variety of fruit to discuss, taste and blend.  We counted how many different types of fruit we had, as well as sorting them by shape and colour.  The children talked about the country of origin, as well as the health benefits of eating fruit.  The children diced, sliced and chopped the fruit for their very own made to order smoothie.  They were delicious! 

This week the children took part in an obstacle course outside, to challenge their balance,      co-ordination  and fitness.  A great time was had by all!

We took part in the RSPB Garden Bird Watch.  We made bird feeders for the birds and recorded how many different types of birds we saw both in school and at home. 

Class of 2017-2018


         The children had a super day at Blackpool Zoo this week. They enjoyed looking at the variety of different animals and they learnt a great deal.  The children wrote wonderful recounts about their trip today.  Here are a few photographs of the day.

Well Being Week


The children had a super week, learning about keeping healthy.  The children learnt about looking after their teeth, eating a balanced diet, as well as the benefit of regular exercise. Also this week the children completed their sponsorship challenge and met GB Paralympic footballer Roy Turnham and his assistance dog.

The children thoroughly enjoyed sports day, thank you for your attendance.

Thank you attending our last Read Write Inc meeting.  I am sure you will agree, a lot is expected of children in Reception, which is why your continued support at home is invaluable.  If you could not attend the meeting and would like further support, please do not hesitate to speak with me.

Please listen to your child read each day and complete the reading/writing homework.

This half term, the children have been learning about Kenya     in particular, about the Masai Mara Tribe.                                               The children went on safari using their home made binoculars, they then drew and wrote about what they saw. 

On Safari in Kenya

The children really enjoyed using the apparatus in the hall last week.  I believe we have some budding gymnasts, as they were superb on the ropes, beam and high horse.

Look at us move!

Following on from the children's interests, we opened a class café.  The children had a wonderful time serving the customers, writing down their orders and adding up the cost of the bill.

Reception Class Cafe

Following on from the observations of children playing school in class, we opened a school in class.  The children took the register, listened to readers, read big books and practised their phonics skills.               A great time was had by all!

We sang Ester songs for our families and made Easter cakes for them to enjoy. We also had a visit from the Easter Bunny!

During our topic this half term, we have been learning about keeping healthy.  We read the story of Oliver's Vegetables and talked about the importance of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet.



We acted out the story of Oliver's Vegetables

We brought in vegetables from home and used our senses to explore them.  We chopped, sliced, diced and peeled the vegetables for our soup.  We had a wonderful time, tasting the raw vegetables before putting them into the pot.

Cinderella Pantomime

Reception class rehearsed and acted out the story of Cinderella for the Nursery children.  The children wrote invitations for the children and delivered them by hand.  Reception children were absolutely fabulous and a great time was had by all.

People Who Help Us


Hello! Hello! Hello! What's all this then?


As part of our topic about people who help us in the community, we set up a robbery in class for the children to investigate.                  The children's Christmas toys which they had brought into class to discuss and play with, were stolen.  The children were totally engrossed, searching for clues, taking fingerprints and interviewing possible suspects.                                                                                                 The children collected the evidence they needed including CCTV footage of the thief in action.  The children had a wonderful time in the Police station role play area and writing up their Police reports.



Local Police Officers helped Reception class to solve the robbery case

As part of our people who help us in our local community topic, we invited  the local Fire Service into school.  The children had been acting out possible situations, which would require help from the Fire Service.  The children were delighted to see the Fire Fighters in action, putting out fires and rescuing the cat rom the tall building.  The children compiled a list  questions to ask the Fire Fighters.  The children had the opportunity to go inside the fire engine, as well as discussing the different equipment on board.
As part of our people who help us in our local community, we invited our local postman into school, to discuss his job and to collect the letters written for our class bear Paddington.  Paddington had been poorly and he asked if the children would write letters for him, to cheer him up.  The children willingly obliged and it was off to the post box to send them.

Our Local Postman

To encourage storytelling, the children worked in pairs or small groups to make up a story about how the Police and Fire Service help people.  The children shared ideas and illustrated a story map to show the beginning, middle and end of their stories.

We visited the book bus.  We looked at many different types of books and bought one with our own money.


Following on from the children's interests, we set up a school in class.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed acting out the role of teacher and pupil.

To introduce our book for the week, we had a wonderful visit from Lena, Ellie and Mason's little red hen. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Lena, asking really interesting questions about what Lena eats, where she sleeps, how old she plus many more. The children fed her and had the opportunity to stroke her. The children could not wait to hear her story.

As part of our Come and See RE topic, we acted out a Baptism for Nursery children.  We made our very own Baptismal candles to take to the church. 

Thank you very much for sending into school the boxes and containers of different size. The children had a wonderful time comparing the capacity of the bottle and boxes.  They used their new mathematical language to talk about the bottles and boxes being full to capacity, half full or empty.  The children estimated how many small bottles of water, it would take to fill the large bottle.  They also estimated how many polystyrene pieces it would take to fill the small cornflake box and the large one.  The children counted 14 pieces in the small box and 200 into the large box. 

full   half full  full to capacity   empty   estimate   capacity 

Capacity in Reception