Our Lady and St Swithin's

Catholic Primary School

Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Who's Who

Headteacher                                            Mrs E. Hartley                 

Senior Deputy Headteacher/SENDCo     Mrs S. Hamilton

Deputy Headteacher                                Mrs J. Morgan               


Teaching Staff

Nursery                     Mrs C. Canavan

Reception                 Mrs Y. Blair                                                   

Year 1                       Mrs E. Porter               

Year 2                       Mrs S.Hamilton and Mrs J. Morgan

Year 3                       Mrs R. Carter

Year 4                       Mr K. Mulholland                            

Year 5                       Miss S. Hagan                  

Year 6                       Mr A. Foster                                    


Support Staff

Teaching Assistant             Mrs A. Hinnigan

Teaching Assistant             Mrs S. Kenny

Teaching Assistant             Mrs A. Seker

Teaching Assistant             Miss J. Daly

Teaching Assistant             Mrs V. Stuart

Teaching Assistant             Ms S. Edwards

Teaching Assistant             Miss M. Burns

Teaching Assistant             Miss R. Thwaites

Teaching Assistant             Miss K. Wajda

Teaching Assistant             Mrs N. Garner

Support Staff                      Miss S. Parry  

Support Staff                      Miss J. McCoy  

Nurture Base                      Mrs A. Lambert


Lunchtime Supervisor         Miss P. Morgan

Lunchtime Supervisor         Ms M. Francis

Lunchtime Supervisor         Mrs J. Laird

Lunchtime Supervisor         Mrs E. Heffey

Office Staff

School Business Manager    Ms L. Munro                   

Admin Assistant                    Mrs K. Cotton                  


Premises Staff

Site Manager            Mr M. Gainford                      

Cleaner                     Mrs A. Hinnigan

Cleaner                     Miss S. Charters

Cleaner                     Miss P. Morgan

Cleaner                     Ms D. Bishop

Cleaner                     Mrs L. Heffey (Sessional)