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Love, Live and Learn

Y4 English



Year 4 English lesson

We are reading Leaf.

The children are learning how to write their own version of the story.

We have analysed and written our own information report based on a polar bear. 
We have been focusing on the techniques to write a fantastic story setting. We have used a range of writing techniques such as alliteration, repetition and short sharp sentences to build up suspense within our writing. 


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Mythical Narratives

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Spring 2 - Back To School

This term in English we have been reading the book Manfish. We have then planned and written our own invention narrative. 
In English we have been looking at different types of biographies. We have been studying the layout and language used within different examples which will help us when we write our own on Jacques Cousteau. 

We have been looking at different examples of biographies, which has helped us to be able to write our very own biography on Jacques Cousteau. We have researched information about his childhood/personal life, career, awards/ achievements and environmental issues. We had to think about the layout and language we where going to use to write this biography. 


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This term in English we will looking at twisted narratives. We have been reading different fairy tale endings and studying different pictures and discussing what we think is happening In the picture at that moment.

In English year 4 have been thinking and reading about different fairytales. We have been looking at character description, talking about what they look like and how they may be feeling at the moment in time. This will help us when it comes to use writing our very own twisted narrative as we have to think about the characters there are, the setting it will be in and how it is going to end. 

In English we have been looking at and reading different fairytales with a twist (instead of happy ending, there are bad ending happening). This has helped us when It has come to us having to write our very own twisted narrative. Year 4 picked different fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White and twisted the ending.


This term in English year 4 will be reading the book The Journey and will be writing their own refugee narrative. We have looked at different clues lay out at the front of the class and wrote our own predictions of what we think each clue is. We have looked at pictures from the book and analysed what we think may be happening in each of them pictures at that time.  

After reading the story The Journey, year 4 have picked their own picture that they enjoy within the book and have wrote their own diary entry being one of the characters on that page. They have had to think about what they were doing at that moment in time, how they may have been feeling and what they would be doing next.