Our Lady and St Swithin's

Catholic Primary School

Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Y4 P.S.H.E.



We have been focussing on how to keep our mental health well. We have looked at strategies we can use to help us keep our mind positive, and how to help others do the same. 

We have been learning about how our body changes as we grow. 

We have been looking at how to keep safe around medicines within the house. 


This term in PSHE year 4 are looking at families and friendships. We will be discussing what we think families are and how we form close relationships with them. Also looking at friendships and respecting ourselves and others. We have learnt about positive relationships and how we might show this. 

We have discussed how we must show consideration towards other people and what might happen if we weren’t to show respect. We then designed our own posters to show the many different ways we thought we could show respect. These might involve donating to charity, help carry people shopping and holding the door open to others.

Within PSHE year 4 have been looking at friendship and what happening if we are to fall out with our friends. Year 4 have been taking part in role plays in small groups and acting out scenes of friends falling out with each and how they would solve the problem to become friends again. 

In PSHE year 4 have been looking at how to show respect to others who have different faith or ethnicity.