Our Lady and St Swithin's

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Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Y4 Religious Education



This term we are looking at the family and the roles we play within our families.



We have been looking at how we belong, and the sacrament of confirmation. 
We have been learning about the season of Advent and how we prepare for the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Spring Home Learning

Spring 2 - Back to school

In RE this term we have been looking at Lent/Easter self discipline. We will be talking about what we think self discipline is, how we might show self discipline. 


This term in RSE year 4 were celebrating difference. Our goal was to fill in a sheet by finding someone in our class who can answer our questions. Each student could only be asked once. 


In RE this term year 4 have been looking at new life and have been discussing what we think new life means. We talked about new life being starting new beginnings or creating a new life ( new baby). We then read about Paul’s journey and wrote our own letter. 

In RE year 4 has been looking at reconciliation and we have been discussing how two friends can work together to build a friendship bridge. 

In RE year 4 have been looking at the charity CAFOD. We have designed a poster advertising what work they do and how they help in poor countries. 

After looking at the CAFOD website, year 4 have made a information leaflet informing people what the charity is about, what work they do to help other countries and what the public can do to raise money.