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Love, Live and Learn

Y4 Science



Year 4 are currently learning about the classification of species.

Spring 2 - back to school

In science this term we are currently learning about states of matter. We have been looking at solids, liquid or gases discussing how they move and their properties. 

Year 4 have been carrying a investigation out on gases. We wanted to find out how much It weighed with the gas in a fizzy drink and what it weighted when the gas had been released. We then started shaking the fizzy drink, opening and closing the lid to release the gas until the drink was flat.  


This term in science year 4 are learning about electricity. We will be looking at conductors and insulators, the components that are used in a circuit and how to build a working circuit. 

We science we have been learning about the different components that we need to set up a circuit. We started with the basic components in our circuit and then slowly started adding More batteries and bulbs to it, to see what effect it had.