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Love, Live and Learn

Y5 English



This term in English we have been reading the book ‘Henry’s Freedom box’. Henry was a slave who had lost everything when his family was taking away from him. Henry came up with a idea in which he was going to mail himself to Philadelphia to escape slavery and give himself a better life. Year 5 have been writing their own diary entries from one of the characters in the story. 

National poetry day 

National poetry day. We went outside to collect leaves and wrote our own poems on the season Autumn. 


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Still image for this video

Year 5 have been writing their own biography about Henry ‘box’ Brown. In our biographies we have been talking about his birth and family, his early life and his later life that he lived. We planned our biographies first by researching information about Henry Brown which helped us when we came to writing. 

In English this term year 5 are reading the story ‘Farther’ written by Grahame Baker-Smith. This book is about the fathers dreams which are passed over to the son who believes anything is possible. We have looked at the different volcabulary from the text, analyse the setting description, completed a mood palette about the father goes to sea which has helped us when we have came to write are own letter from the son or the father. 


In English this term we are reading the book ‘The promise’ written by Nicola Davies. The book is about a young girl thief who snatches an old lady’s bag which contains acorns. The young girl makes a promise to the old lady which changes everything forever for her. Year 5 have been able to write their own character description based on one of the characters from the story. 

This term year 5 are writing a newspaper report based on a incident of their choices. They will be looking at the model text they have been giving to help them when it comes their own. 

LOCKDOWN ENGLISH - Using modal verbs to write.



This half term, we are looking at the text 'Henry's Freedom Box' by Ellen Levine. This book explores Henry's dreams of freedom from slavery and injustice. When his family are sold away from him, he risks everything to do what he knows is right.. He mails himself to freedom! This is a narrative account based on a true event, and has been a fantastic book to explore. Year 5 have been working hard to produce an excellent quality of writing, leading up to writing their own diary entry and biography about Henry 'Box' Brown's incredible tale.

Read to Write. Locating and creating our own descriptive phrases from the model text.

Discussing themes for our new text, today in English.