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Love, Live and Learn

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Love, Live and Learn

Y5 Physical Education



In PE this term year 5 have been taking part in gymnastics. They have been learning different types of rolls and how to balance on different parts of our body. We have then been able to put these different balances together to create a short sequence. 

In gymnastics we have been learning about mirroring. We have been standing facing our partner and mirroring every movement that they complete.


This term in PE year 5 have been taking part in dance. We have been creating different dance sequences, performing snapshots and thinking of how we can connect our moves together to create their performance in dance. 


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This term year 5 have had the opportunity of taking part in a session with the 23 Jamie Carragher foundation were we have taking part in team building. 

Year 5 have been learning he skills involved in badminton and how to apply these skills into a game. We have learnt the forehand and back hand shot, moving backwards away from the net and running forward to the net to be able to hit the shuttlecock when coming towards us. 


In PE this term year 5 are learning how to play cricket. We are practising how to hold the cricket bat correctly, how to strike the ball into space and how to get someone out by hitting the wickets. 

Lockdown PE

Putting our netball skills to the test

Gymnastics - Using our body to hold a balance.

Gymnastics - Practicing our balancing and landing skills.