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Love, Live and Learn

Y5 Science



In science this term we have been learning about forces. We have been looking at measuring different objects in Newton’s and investigating levers trying to get the lever to balance on either end using different size mass. We have also been testing air resistance with different size parachutes made out of bin liners. We were trying to find out if certain area surfaces affected the time it took the parachute to drop to the floor. 

In science year 5 have been carrying out an investigation on the force required to left different loads with and without a pulley. We then recorded our results into a table and plotted them onto a line graph. 

In science this term year 5 will be learning about materials and their properties. We will be comparing and grouping materials together. We will be looking at different solutions and how we can separate different mixtures.


In science this term year 5 have been studying animals including humans and looking at human development. We have learnt about life explorers, looking at different stages there are for a baby to be developed, child development, the time line of the human life and old age.

In science this term year 5 are learning about space and earth. We have made our own solar system labelling all the planets and writing facts about each of the planets. 


Lockdown Science - Earth and Space.

Mixing Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create carbon dioxide.